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Santa Cruz County

In Santa Cruz County, a moderate size town is Freedom. It is a small town with approximately 3719 people. Mostly, people own family houses in Freedom with the typical white picket fence and big backyard. There are many parks, amusement centers, small family-owned businesses, and schools available, which makes it an ideal family town.


In Freedom, everyone knows you, and you know everyone, so it is a safe and secure place for kids and the elderly. Freedom might be a small town, but there are plenty of different bars, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and many other local fun activity centers available. If you walk north on the coast, you can visit forests and state parks of the Santa Cruz Mountains for outdoor fun. Overall, it is a sweet little family town.


  • Area2.859 km²
  • Population3070
  • WeatherHigh 24°C low 12°C
What Local says

Nice little town that is average throughout. It's a solid place where I have lived all my life, but now I am searching for my next move. I will forever be grateful for those who have raised and befriended me. It's not the nicest place, but it is convenient to everything around

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of housing options are available in Freedom?

Freedom is a family town, so most family houses are available here. However, there are numerous other housing options such as condos, apartments, lot size, and luxury homes also available. So, you can get a variety of housing options in Freedom. 

What is the average home price in Freedom?

If you want to purchase a medium-size house in Freedom, you have to spend $623K. It is the average house rate in Freedom that can change as per the buyer's requirements. 

How is real estate appreciating in Freedom?


Freedom is a quiet, small, and beautiful town in Santa Cruz County, so the real estate market is very high here. Over the past few years, the per feet square rate has been appreciated by 10.2%. Thus, the real estate sector is gaining a lot of momentum in Freedom due to the emerging interest of buyers. 

What are some of the most popular areas to live in Freedom?

Freedom has numerous different housing options in popular localities such as Holm Road, Larkin Valley Road, Buena Vista Dr, Blanca, and others. For a safe and peaceful environment, you can pick these top locations in Freedom. 

How is life in Freedom?

You can expect fun family picnics on the beach and lazy walks in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There are plenty of good schools and universities present, so you don’t have to worry about your kids' education. Overall, it is a perfect town to settle down with your family and raise kids in a peaceful environment.