This industry has been good to me. It was time to give back something unique that can truly impact your life. Any minute you are not in front of clients, is an opportunity loss.
— Mahnaz Westerberg, Founder and CEO


Mahnaz was the only girl in a family of seven children. She lost her mother at the age of 10 and from then on, she was running the household, while raising her 1 year-old little brother.

She became a great cook, designed clothing, and started painting. She was a real tomboy, always competing with her brothers and the neighborhood boys. To keep her sanity, she read psychology and business books.

At eighteen, she self funded her move to Paris where she attended the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts. During the summers she had two jobs and managed a successful import/export of designer-clothing business. That would fund a full year in Paris!

Thereafter, she moved to California, learned English, became a mother, ran several successful businesses (some expanding to multiple states). Always passionate about real estate, she got her agent license. Surprising the local establishment, she rapidly became a top producer and started successful investments including in her husband's law practice. 

In 2010, her husband tragically passed away. She moved to Palo Alto where she broke all records to become the top producing agent within a year.

As brokerage firms were adopting more and more disparate tools to run their business, she realized that the promises often fell short of their claims: agents were spending long hours learning new tech tools, for very little return. Mahnaz decided to do something about it. PANNAZZ was born!

Mahnaz's approach to software design is different: as a person dealing with dyslexia, much attention was placed on making PANNAZZ applications easy to use and intuitive.

Mahnaz always tells clients that if they are impressed with what they see now, they will be more surprised about what they did not see. PANNAZZ applications are based on thousands of solid data points, things that clients did not see! That is the foundation of the PANNAZZ platform.

Mahnaz believes in what she has created. It took many tries and tribulations, setbacks and successes, but she always placed her trust in doing the right thing for the industry as a whole. Mahnaz and her team enjoyed the price of working towards a shared goal to bring the PANNAZZ Applications to life.

She sees so much potential in agents and giving them time back to be in front of clients. She believes in every potential home buyer to one day be a home seller.