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Sell your home for top dollar with top local agents for as little as 2% commission

Our Service is FREE and there is ZERO Obligation

We make the home selling process easy. We created Pannazz to provide a better home selling experience at a better commission and saving. Our real value is in the results you achieve with our top performing local real estate agents even though you may have called us to save Money.

Sell Your Home for as Little as a 2% Commission

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SALE PRICE: $3,000,000

Save $105,000
Without buyer agent.
Save $45,000
With buyer agent.

*Our agents will list for 2% and offer the typical Buyer's Agent commission in your market ranging from 2% to 3%. The average Buyer's Agent commission nationwide is 2.5%. If a buyer calls on your house directly without an agent, our agents have agreed to do the entire transaction for only 2.5% total.

Homes under $2000,000 is not qualified for this Limited promotion.

Sell Your Home at the Highest Possible Price with Pannazz

Unexpected obstacles arise when you try to sell a home as it is a lengthy process requiring in-depth knowledge. Our app will assist you with information relating to market trends and finding the right local agent to sell your house at the highest possible price. Get maximum exposure for your property through Pannazz’s digital marketing strategies and our agent network.


Work with top-producing real estate agents in CA

With our qualified and knowledgeable real estate agents who understand your needs and wants, you will achieve your goals & dreams when buying and selling. We are trained negotiators and do this 24/7.

Great 360 degree marketing support

We think out-of-the box and understand the market and all its rapid changes. We cater to all generations of sellers and buyers and combine our marketing with customized, cutting edge technology to reach the widest variety of qualified buyers worldwide.


Staging your property to appeal to a broader audience

We understand the psychology of real buyers when preparing to sell your house and can help you get the highest possible price and walk you successfully to your next destination.

Assure you of the best market price

We analyze the direction of the market 24/7. We understand how to influence professionals', sellers and buyers' view of the market in each location and are able to impact the result in order to help assure you of the best market price.


Selling your property quickly

Timing matters. We advise you to choose a selling price that helps you receive the highest amount of showings possible while we combine our expertise to give you the highest possible exposure, nationally and internationally. This helps you sell your home quickly for the highest possible price.

Would you like to know your area’s real estate statistics?

Pannazz’s Real Estate Market Watch gives you a 360-degree view of the realty marketplace, in any area or location!

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