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At Pannazz, we want to make home-buying for you a smooth affair. Own your dream home without any hassles. Our mortgage calculator will simplify the financial nitty-gritties associated with buying your home. Our mortgage calculator helps you understand all the aspects of a mortgage and also enables you to get the best deal.

We have simplified your mortgage loan calculations with our user-friendly mortgage calculator. Get to know the various terms associated with your mortgage process and find answers to all your down payment questions.

How our mortgage calculator can help

Our aim is to help you access all the necessary knowledge about important data related to mortgage. Our mortgage calculator can provide it all with one click.

With our mortgage calculator, you effortlessly have access to 10-15 and 30 years monthly mortgage fees. Extremely simple to use, the calculator automatically provides you with the final dollar amount of your pay off the loan.

Use this free mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly house payment, including principal and interest, taxes, insurance and private mortgage insurance.

You can also see how your monthly payment changes by updating home price, down payment, interest rate and loan term.

The mortgage calculator lets you compare common loan types as well as takes you through different loan terms. For example, "Amortization" reflects how the principal balance, principal paid (equity) and total interest paid change year by year.

Components of a mortgage loan

  1. Loan Amount - This refers to the amount of money you want to take as a loan based on your affordability and property value.
  2. Loan Term - This refers to the period of time, or for how many years you want to take the loan. A good loan term is somewhere between 15-30 years.
  3. Down Payment - This refers to the upfront money paid before taking the loan. The down payment is deducted from the total loan amount. The more you can pay as down payment, the lesser will be your loan component.
  4. Interest Rate - This is the money charged by the mortgage lender, which will be added to the principal amount.

How to lower your monthly Mortgage Payment

Choose a longer loan tenure
Buy a house which is less expensive
Pay a large chunk as your down payment
Compare and grab the lowest interest rate

Mortgage Calculator - FAQs

1. What is the right tenure for a home loan?

It all depends on your appetite to sustain the loan. If the mortgage tenure is longer it will lower your monthly payment, but you’ll pay more interest over the life of the loan. A shorter mortgage tenure can reduce the total interest you'll pay, but your monthly payment will be higher.

2. Should I opt for the ARM option?

Adjustable-rate mortgages give you teaser rates, which are attractive but could eventually change and become higher or lower, over the time. Be aware of how your monthly mortgage payout will change once the offer expires. Compare flexibility with the price difference and choose the best combination.

3. Are you over-spending on the loan?

Use the mortgage payment calculator to give you a reality check on how much you will be paying each month, considering all the costs, including taxes, insurance and private mortgage insurance.

4. What is the right amount for a down payment?

It is always a good idea to put some money down, more you put down, less your monthly payments are. It could differ from case to case basis. But make use of the mortgage payment calculator to decide on the best down payment amount for you.

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