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San Juan Bautista
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San Juan Bautista
San Benito County, California
  • Weather: High 30°C low 12°C
  • Population: 1965
  • Area: 205 ha
Mission San Juan Bautista, Juan Bautista De Anza Historic Trailhead, San Juan Bautista State Historic Park, Jose Castro House
I have lived here for 20+ years. It has always been a quiet town. If you're looking for a place to get away from the city, this is it.
What kind of housings options are available in San Juan Bautista?

The most popular housing types in San Juan Bautista are single detached homes and townhouses. Most houses in this area offer three or more bedroom houses. There are a lot of options in detached homes, such as single-story homes, luxury homes and there is an option for choosing a condo as well.

ge home price in San Juan Bautista?

The housing market in San Juan Bautista is not very competitive. The average home price in San Juan Bautista is $855K, out of which some are Hot Homes, which are for a slightly higher price and prone to sell quickly.

How is real estate appreciating in San Juan Bautista?

The real estate pricing in the area has increased by 10.5 % percent since the last year because of its scenic views.

What are some of the most popular areas to live in San Juan Bautista?

San Juan Bautista has some really nice areas to live and even better neighborhoods. Some of the most popular areas in San Juan Bautista include Monterey, Lavagnino, Noche Buena, and Franklin Street.

How is life in San Juan Bautista

How is life in San Juan BautistaLife in San Juan Bautista is very slow and quiet. Residents of San Juan Bautista are a close-knit family. Although it is a small-town like city, it has all the necessary amenities ranging from grocery