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Pajaro Dunes,California

Santa Cruz County

Pajaro Dunes is a small beach town in Santa Cruz County, California. It is elevated 13 feet above sea level and located in Northern California on the Pacific coast just 60 miles south of San Francisco. Pajaro Dunes experience a subtle temperature around the year with multiple outdoor recreations and highly reputed educational amenities.


It is a beach town, college center, and cultural hub that mostly attracts tourists, families, and students. This city is known for its broad walkways, gorgeous beaches, and fun amusement parks. Due to the proximity to the University of California at Santa Cruz, Pajaro Dunes is flooded with students and academic professionals. It is a small family town with all the essential amenities, which makes it a hot real estate center. 

  • Area6.703 km²
  • Population144
  • WeatherHigh 23°C low 11°C
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of housing options are available in Pajaro Dunes?

Pajaro Dunes is a fun beach town, so it has lots of different housing options for families as well as students. You can get big family-size homes, condos, lot sizes, and multiple other styles of houses in Pajaro Dunes.


What is the average home price in Pajaro Dunes?


To buy a beautiful medium-size home in Pajaro Dunes, the listings start at $875M and go up to different ranges. The location and size of the house define the final home price, which can be anywhere around the basic price.

How is real estate appreciating in Pajaro Dunes?

With the high cost of living and a good employment rate, Pajaro Dunes is an economically strong city. Thus, the real estate market in Pajaro Dunes is well appreciated. Many homes are bought and sold in the city every year.


What are some of the most popular areas to live in Pajaro Dunes?

Pajaro Dunes has numerous popular residential areas where you can find your next home easily. Some of the top listed residential properties in Pajaro Dunes are located in Avocet Cir, Schulties Road, Arguello Dr, Lakeside Dr, Scenic Way, Arthur Road, Yosemite Road, etc.

How is life in Pajaro Dunes?

Your life in Pajaro Dunes is going to be like the way you can expect in a beach town. From long strolls near the seashore to the good shack food, you can expect a young, relaxed and peaceful life in Pajaro Dunes.