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Monte Sereno
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Monte Sereno
Santa Clara County, California
  • Weather: High 28°C low 13°C
  • Population: 3,487
  • Area: 4.299 km²
Testarossa Winery, Los Gatos Creek Trail, Sunborn Country Park, Mountain Winery, Lexington Reservoir, Fremont Older Preserve
Monte Sereno is an all residential community known for its rural character and wooded hillsides as well as its magnificent estates. Monte Sereno is linked to Los Gatos through city services as well as schools. The city shares police, parks & recreation, and also youth sports leagues with Los Gatos, and for many all of the downtown amenities as well.
What kind of housings options are available in Monte Sereno?

There are numerous housing options available in Monte Sereno as it is surrounded by the mountains. People choose to reside in: 

  1. Luxury homes

  2. Vintage houses

  3. Basic Single-family detached home

  4. Single-detached homes with pools

  5. Houses with mountain views.

What are the average home price in Monte Sereno?

Since many homes in Monte Sereno get multiple offers on them with waived contingencies, the housing market in Monte Sereno is very competitive. The average home price in Monte Sereno is $3.5 million, out of which some are Hot Homes, which are for a slightly higher price and prone to sell quickly.

How is real estate appreciating in Monte Sereno?

The real estate pricing in Monte Sereno has increased by 16.5% percent since the last year

What are some of the most popular areas to live in Monte Sereno?

Some of the most popular areas in Monte Sereno include Monte Sereno, Daves, East Los Gatos, West Los Gatos-Monte Sereno, Kennedy North, Southeastern Saratoga, Rinconada, Glen Una, Austin, Quito,  Monte Sereno, Monte Vista, Vasona, North Santa Cruz, and Downtown Los Gatos.

How is life in Monte Sereno?

Situated on the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains the experience of living in Monte Sereno is quite serene and pleasant. It is a rural town with simpletons who peacefully co-exist with one another. There is a negligible amount of crime in Monte Sereno. Monte Sereno has bars, coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, and parks for its residents to enjoy. It is a great place to raise a family since the schools here are very well recommended. As the houses here are quite big and fancy, the town has one of the highest cost of living in the United States. You might have to pay more but you also get to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Living in Monte Sereno can be expensive but if you are all in luxury then you very well should.