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Santa Cruz County, California
  • Weather: High 24°C low 11°C
  • Population: 1137
  • Area: 8.738 km²
Living in my small town was great. I always new my neighbors, always could walk across the street to my neighbors and borrow a cup of sugar. I loved my school, it was beautiful, it shared a boarder with a state park. The air was always fresh and the sun was always shining. it was wonderful. It was just small and didn't have many people. There also isn't anything to do after dark because it is such a small town.
What kind of housing options are available in Lompico?

Lompico is a residential place, so there you can find numerous different styles of housing options. Mostly, people search for ranch houses, beach houses, condos, luxury homes, apartments, lot size, and ocean view homes in Lompico.


What is the average home price in Lompico?

From the house price side, Lompico is currently in high demand. Thus, the cost of buying a medium-size home in Lompico is around $570K. The price might change as per the geographical, political, economic, and other factors, so you should always check the current market rates.


How is real estate appreciating in Lompico ?

Lompico is a beautiful place to live and buy a home. Thus, the real estate market in Lompico is very bright and in demand. In the last ten years, home prices in Lompico have appreciated by 3.6%, so it is a well-appreciated real estate market. 

What are some of the most popular areas to live in Lompico?

In Lompico, various popular housing locations are available. However, the most popular ones are - O Zayante Dr, Creekside Way, E Zayante Road, Stardust Ln, Redwood Dr, Lompico Ave, Lakeview Ave, and many more. 

How is life in Lompico?

Lompico is well connected with other cities, and public transport access is good here. There are plenty of different bars, restaurants, farmlands, parks, hiking, and trekking points present. Plus, educational facilities are also good here. Thus, you can expect a slow, calm, and peaceful life in Lompico.