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Santa Cruz County

Interlaken name means “among the lakes,” and it is a serene lake town in Santa Cruz County, California. When you want to get a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can buy a home near a lake in Interlaken and enjoy real peace. It is a small town with 7000+ people who are closely knitted together and highly care for one another. The subtle Mediterranean climate has always been the plus point of Interlaken.


Interlaken is a lake and culture-rich city. Among the families and tourists, it is very popular. Furthermore, there are plenty of parks, amusement centers, education points, and various local restaurants, and bars are available. For a relaxed and peaceful living experience, families and retirees often settle down in Interlaken.


  • Area26.42 km²
  • Population7321
  • WeatherHigh 24°C low 12°C
What Local says

The Area I live in is great. I love it here. its always sunny but its also fresh and usually we have a breeze. this is my home and although there could be changes to make it better I do see myself living here in my future. in the future I see this area helping out the poor more. I see this community caring more about each other and helping out with whatever can be done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of housing options are available in Interlaken?

Interlaken is a home for families and people who want to bring a slowdown in their hectic life. Thus, the family homes and condos are both popular in Interlaken. Some people even like to buy land, build a home over it as per their own desire.


What is the average home price in Interlaken?

To buy a medium-size home in Interlaken, the buyer has to get ready with $562K. Some home listings are hot in Interlaken, so they are going to be more expensive than the others - keep your mind open on the topic. 

How is real estate appreciating in Interlaken?

From the home prices, it can be easily judged that the real estate market is booming in Interlaken. But, as compared to other cities in Santa Cruz County, house sales have decreased in Interlaken. So, it is a mixed reaction for the Interlaken real estate market.


What are some of the most popular areas to live in Interlaken?

Interlaken is the first choice to buy a home for many families and retired people due to many prime residential areas. Some of the most appreciated areas to live in Interlaken includes Shelly Ct, Brown Road, Brookhollow Road, Frazier Lake Road, The Lone, The Solano, The Jackson, and The Colfax. 

How is life in Interlaken?

Life in Interlaken is calm and serene like a lake. Early morning walks on the banks of the lake, playtime with kids in the parks, and fun time with friends in the local bars and restaurants define life in Interlaken - simple and peaceful.