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San Benito County

Formed in 1896 by the San Justo Homestead Association of farmers, Hollister is a small city in the San Benito County at the north end of the Central Coast Region of California, United States. Hollister is one of the largest cities in the subregion of rural Central California. Hollister is primarily an agricultural town. Hollister, which was once known for its sheep drives from Ohio to San Benito valley, is now also known for its fields of lettuce, tomatoes, Blenheim Apricots, and other produce.

Hollister is only an hour from the famous beaches of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay. They are a must-visit for the beach views. Top landmarks in Hollister include Mercey Hot Springs, Leal Vineyards, San Benito Bene, Historical society, and the Farmer’s Market. It is very famous for its fourth of July Annual motorcycle rallies, rodeos, and town fairs.

  • Area18.88 km²
  • Population39,749
  • WeatherHigh 30°C Low 12°C
Tourist Places

Vista Park Hill Park, John Z Hernandez Memorial Park, Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation, Brigantino Park

What Local says

I recently moved to Hollister from San Jose and it is a culture shock. Everything is more of a small-town feel and it is very relaxing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of housings options are available in Hollister?

Hollister mainly has single-family detached houses, with most homes having at least three or more bedrooms. Some people live in townhouses as well. About 60% of the residents own their houses. There is a wide array of options in detached homes, like single-story homes, homes with pools, luxury homes, and condos.

What is the average home price in Hollister?

The housing market in Hollister is very competitive. The median listing price of the homes in Hollister is $660K, out of which some are Hot Homes, which are for a slightly higher price and prone to sell quickly.

How is real estate appreciating in Hollister?

Since most of the houses in Hollister are single detached houses, the cost of real estate here is pretty high compared to a lot of other neighboring cities in the U.S.The real estate pricing in the area has increased by 5.9% percent since the last year.

What are some of the most popular areas to live in Hollister?

Some of the most popular areas to live in Hollister include San Benito, San Juan, Westside Boulevard, and Buena Vista.    

How is life in Hollister?

Life in Hollister is suitable for people who prefer quiet surroundings as there is a low noise level from the traffic. The cost of living in Hollister is 56.4% more than the average of the U.S. Hollister is a small suburban town with its smalltown charms. There is a shortage of public infrastructures, such as schools, malls, etc. It is a diverse agricultural town where all the neighbors know each other. Due to its infrastructure lacking and lack of jobs, college students and new families might find it difficult to afford houses in this city.