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Santa Cruz County

Felton is a historic small town in Santa Cruz County, California. The town is named after Johan B. Felton, who was a former judge, California mayor, and a San Francisco Bay Area investor. It is a culturally rich small town with an average population of 4000+.


It is a woodsy town which still hasn’t received the attention of the crowd - so it's a peaceful place. From the secret redwoods hiking trails to the Santa Cruz beach train, so many untouched natural beauties are available in Felton. For a simple and nature-focused lifestyle, one can reside in Felton. 

  • Area11.79 km²
  • Population4057
  • WeatherHigh 26°C low 12°C
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of housing options are available in Felton?


Felton is a rural place with lots of natural realms. Thus, the most popular housing options in Felton are cozy family homes, country style, wooden cottages, luxury holiday homes, etc. Overall, family houses are available in Felton to settle down.


What is the average home price in Felton?

To buy a medium-size home in Felton, buyers have to averagely spend $699K. However, houses in prime locations can be more expensive. 

How is real estate appreciating in Felton?

Felton housing market is highly competitive, and property rates are often high. Families are very keen to settle down in the peaceful ambiance of Felton. Plus, luxury homes are high in demand, so the real estate market is booming in Felton. 

What are some of the most popular areas to live in Felton?


Felton is the best place for trekking on natural trails and camping on the pristine spots. Some of the popular areas to live in Felton includes McKee Road, Blair Street, E Zayante Road, Mar De Cortez, Las Lomas, Playa Azul, O Tremont Ave, and many more. 

How is life in Felton?

Felton is a woodsy community, only seven miles away from the mainland - Santa Cruz. Life in Felton is quite laid back and peaceful. Under the forested backdrops and miles stretched parks, Felton makes the perfect place to settle after retirement. For a low key life away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Felton is an ideal family town.