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Day Valley,California

Santa Cruz County

Day Valley is an 18.8 square miles (49 km2) town located in Santa Cruz County, California. The large area in Day Valleys is covered by forests and meadows. Valencia Rd. and Day Valley Rd. the crossroad has connected this city with the rest of the world.


It is a very small town with an average population of 3409. Some of the earlier residents of Day Valley (including Day and Cox families) are buried under the Forest and Meadow cemetery, just across the Meadow Road and Downing Drive corner. The Day Valley Road and Cox Road are named after these families. So, it is a very closed knotted town and a peaceful place to raise your family. 

  • Area48.71 km²
  • Population3409
  • WeatherHigh 27°C low 12°C
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of housing options are available in Day Valley?

Day Valley is a family town, so you can get a variety of house options there. Mostly, searched housing options in Day Valley are - Breakfast Bar Homes, Lot Size Homes, Parking Space Homes, Walk-In Closet Homes, and Formal Dining Room Homes. 

What is the average home price in Day Valley?

One median style home in Day Valley can be bought for $1.65M. The price may vary from house size to location, but the round of the amount will be near the projected price. 

How is real estate appreciating in Day Valley?

The real estate is highly appreciated in Day Valley, which can be analyzed from the fact that the asking price of homes for sale in Day Valley has increased 37.4% since September last year. The real estate market is booming in the area. 

What are some of the most popular areas to live in Day Valley?

Day Valley has a rural vibe due to the widespread forests and meadows. There are plenty of different wild treks, parks, and outdoor spaces available to explore, such as The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, Frazier Park, Ridgecrest, etc. Popular residential areas are Eureka Canyon Road, Hames Road, Buzzard Lagoon Road. 

How is life in Day Valley?

To lead a peaceful rural life after retirement, Day Valley is the perfect place with a low crime rate and a small community. It is a family place where you can settle down to raise your kids and enjoy the country life.