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A better way to find your next dream home in your favorite city!

Finding your dream home is a lot like finding the perfect partner. We created the Pannazz platform based on buyer & sellers emotions. We partnered with local top producing real estate agents in each city to assist buyers find their dream home.

Access accurate and real-time information on properties provided by the PANNAZZ database, which captures local MLS property information every few minutes.


Quality Listing Data Driven by MLS

Access accurate and real-time information on properties powered by MLS Listings (most house listings are updated within 5 minutes.) You get notified as soon as new houses come on the market. Now you can manage the real estate buying process in the comfort of your home!

Technology Driven Platform

The Pannazz application is web and mobile friendly, allowing the user to search homes and open houses, in single or multiple cities within the U.S. Users can save their searches for future use. If they want to preview a previous search, it saves search history so you don’t have to recreate the wheel. Upon selecting properties, the PANNAZZ routing agent optimizes a route from a start point to the selected properties to the endpoint. The app provides voice direction throughout the route through your mobile phone.


Hire top-producing trusted agents in your favorite city

We don’t just recommend realtors based on the agent's advertisement subscription plans, we thoroughly research and evaluate agents’ history before onboarding them on our platform. We make sure that you work with one of the best realtors in your favorite city.

View HD Photos Or Take a Tour

Get a true sense of the properties by reviewing ultrahigh resolution and professional quality images. You can also schedule an appointment for a physical or virtual house tour with the realtor you choose.


Share your feedback

Buyers can help their selected agents find their dream home by sharing immediate feedback on properties with agents within the platform.

Pannaaz’s curated weekly magazines

Our digital magazines feature the best local agents, neighborhood data, and great properties.

The magazine scoop includes:

  1. City Magazine
  2. National Digital Magazine
  3. Custom Broker Magazine

Market Watch

Understand the market by accessing historical and real-time market information and trends. Panazz Real Estate Market Watch gives you a 360-degree view of the realty marketplace, be it any area or location.

Estimate your mortgage payment with Pannazz’s Mortgage Calculator

Free mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly house payment, including principal and interest, taxes and private mortgage insurance. You can also see how your monthly payment changes by updating home price, down payment, interest rate and loan terms.

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