Do you find it hard and challenging to organize and showcase your properties’ routes? You are not alone, most agents and brokers spend hours preparing, and clients, at the last minute, may change which properties to tour.

Pannazz is a ground-breaking realtor and properties app for creating optimized routes and tours of properties. Reinvent the way you create and optimize routes and tours of your properties, as well as how you view and search properties.

With Pannazz routing, preparing routes takes minutes, not hours!

Benefits for brokers and agents


Are you a real estate agent, broker or realtor? Do you find it hard and challenging to organize and showcase your properties’ routes?

Well, your routing and property touring will forever change with Pannazz – your real estate agent tool for increased productivity.

Created by real estate agents, for real estate agents, Pannazz is specifically designed to increase your productivity by 25% & more! Easy to use, Pannazz real estate app gives you the ability to easily rout and optimize your broker tour, buyer tour, open house tour and sellers tool in a matter of few minutes.

Later, you can save properties, showcase the properties, print the data, give voice directions and even get specific directions to the property via google maps.

This all makes Pannazz one of the best real estate broker tools, productivity apps, and real estate marketing tools!



Benefits for clients


Pannazz is a two-way great experience for both real estate brokers and potential buyers. Brokers can make their properties public and get indexed so potential buyers can search these properties, get routs and optimize the routs in a matter of few minutes. They can get directions to go to open houses and again click to get the exact direction to the property via Google Maps.

In this way, besides being a great marketing tool for realtors, Pannazz is a handy properties app to find open houses, find new homes for sale and do smart home search and routing.

Now don’t miss the opportunity to effectively search homes & productively optimize routes.

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